gameflip stole 400$ us


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Did you charge back money?

If not, maybe they just wanna any approval from you, if you are owner of paypal?


i am and no they straight up declined the withdrawal and suspended my acocount my man its fraud


Did you receive any email from gameflip?


yes and i even spoke with @DunnBiscuit and he dosent want to waive the suspension in order to get the money and then resuspend it


What is the reason of suspension?

Gameflip has to right to lock your account (with founds inside) if you are breaking their tos


they are saying i did but i didnt it was for scamming another user using comment but i was always legit i havent done anything they cheked and they wont help me


IF you were using other accounts to scam people - they caught you - nothing to do here.

You were scamming people with different accounts or helping someone to scam, and that why you lost money now - karma.


i didnt otherwise i wouldnt had the cops yesterday


Why do you keep making post? What happy to your other fourm name? @katymontmigny ?
(Yes this post was locked)

Please stop spamming the fourms


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


@DunnBiscuit can you do something about @joblo500x.
They’re making muti post using muti different accounts on the fourm, they’re threatening if you dont unsuspected there account they’re going to use the site to scam people out of items.

This topic and @katymontmigny are kind of the same.
This post you lock this morning.

If you do scam we will block / banned / suspended your account. Being you basically said fix my account or i will scam that may get yoi banned base on your past situation with gameflip.

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i just want to be paid for whats on my account


Hey Katy. No money for You . Ha




get out of this it dosent concern you


You were scamming people, maybe give money back to all people you scammed?


i wasent they can chek on me but they wont give me proff n all so…


@joblo500x you will get away out of it my little scammy friend


DunnBiscuit already said there nothing they can do.
They locked your post and hours later you remake it on other account on the fourms.
You’re making threatening comments about you’re going to scam people if you dont get your money back.

This topic should be locked because people say things that may be hateful or may get themself suspended.

Like the last topic that got locked this no need for this post.

@DunnBiscuit can you look over this post and determine if it requires a lock.

Thank You

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