Gameflip stole my money, i need help.

SeveraI days ago i bought a psn card that was already reedemed, so today i checked in on gameflip and the transaction was completed, i DIDN’T had my money back and i didnt recieved a working psn code . I really want to know why didn’t I received my money back, because i just simply bought a 50$ regular us code that DIDN’T work, it was already reedemed and i attached all the evidence that you asked me to attach in the emails. I thought that i would at least recieve the money on psn, but i dont have it even in my gameflip wallet. I have been buying in gameflip since long time ago, and i have never been stolen like this, so i want you to do something about this ASAP! I don’t know why did this happen but i want a reply soon, I will do everything i can to get my money back.

Hey man! Do you mind sending me your invite code so I can properly check it for you?


The invite code of my acc? It is B9RNE4
Or the code of the gift card?

Hi man, do u know anything about it?

Hey, I just checked your case:

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do. We asked you for proof that the code wasn’t working, and you didn’t send it. Since the 4 days timeframe to send proof passsed, the dispute was denied to you and decided in favor of the seller.

Thank you.

As I checked, you sent screenshots of a cellphone, we contacted you again asking for screenshots of a computer regarding the proofs needed.

You didn’t send it.

As said, unfortunately, I can’t help you further.