Gameflip stole my money, i need help.

SeveraI days ago i bought a psn card that was already reedemed, so today i checked in on gameflip and the transaction was completed, i DIDN’T had my money back and i didnt recieved a working psn code . I really want to know why didn’t I received my money back, because i just simply bought a 50$ regular us code that DIDN’T work, it was already reedemed and i attached all the evidence that you asked me to attach in the emails. I thought that i would at least recieve the money on psn, but i dont have it even in my gameflip wallet. I have been buying in gameflip since long time ago, and i have never been stolen like this, so i want you to do something about this ASAP! I don’t know why did this happen but i want a reply soon, I will do everything i can to get my money back.

Hey man! Do you mind sending me your invite code so I can properly check it for you?


The invite code of my acc? It is B9RNE4
Or the code of the gift card?

Hi man, do u know anything about it?

Hey, I just checked your case:

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do. We asked you for proof that the code wasn’t working, and you didn’t send it. Since the 4 days timeframe to send proof passsed, the dispute was denied to you and decided in favor of the seller.

Thank you.

As I checked, you sent screenshots of a cellphone, we contacted you again asking for screenshots of a computer regarding the proofs needed.

You didn’t send it.

As said, unfortunately, I can’t help you further.

@DunnBiscuit you ready to help me out and view my proof my account has been banned and my money has been held by gameflip and noone will take time to view my case