GAMEFLP deposit verification code mismatch..

I made a deposit with a debit card and was asked to confirm a 4 digit code from the transaction in my statement. The code is supposed to start with “31”, but when checking my card statement, the code shown is completely different, starting with “40”

What do I do now? Why don’t the numbers match up? Is my money gone?

No email or ticket reply and it’s been 24H. This a scam site?

No it’s not and usual respond time is from 2-4 working days.


This isn’t a “scam site”. In order to help you further, can you share with me your invite code or the order ID?


I just got an email literally one minute ago saying it was cancelled due to issues with the “seller”. It wasn’t an order, it was a debit card deposit. Cannot find any sort of order number, NOR was I sent any confirmation e-mail or receipt after making the deposit which is odd.

Thanks for cancelling it if that was you @DunnBiscuit

NVM, I just now got the transaction ID in the cancellation notification - ab84c1c5-8256-4480-85b8-c774bae6b104

Please explain why the verification code numbers are a complete mismatch from what it’s supposed to start with, and why the Bitcoin payment option isn’t showing up on the payment page.