Getting started with selling gift cards

hello guys, i recently started selling (reselling to be more specific) some gift cards with auto delivery and i would like some hints to some aditional hints for someone who succesfully created their first listing like 17 hours ago, it dont need to be advanced and can help anyone reading this topic

to help me, i wouldnt like too basic ones as i simply doesnt know where else i can improve so im asking for something more aditional if its even possible. and also, i already feel satisfield about from where i got the gift cards like i can choose the brand (like steam, google play, xbox), region and some more specific “category” like playstation plus or network

in adition, i just wanted to ask how there is too many discounted gift cards? like from where/how they got that super cheaper ones? they sell like $10 gift card for $9 or $8, gameflip is gonna charge fees and there will be some aditional fees to withdraw the cash and then seller spending this to buy more gift cards to restock, sell again and repeat

basically, i see this as lottery listing. checking rates in seller’s profile, you gonna find some ratings from these sellers complaining about the code being already redeemed. even if they buy multiple cards in bulk, they are probably buying from cheaper cards websites as it should come with all codes working

doing a comparison with the website i got my cards from and with discounted card website (the discounted one is, i got my cards from a website that charges the same card value (like $10 gift card for exactly $10.00) or just a few cents more expensive (remember that i said before about how easy its to find a card, selecting brand, region and something else) and this website has a rating 4.5 stars out of 5 on trustpilot

and then its harder to find your desired gift card (at least you can filter by discount) but it also offers like 25% OFF on GTA Online Shark Cards OMG but if you check the ratings for this one on trustpilot you will see only 1.5 out of 5 stars and they are saying about cant redeem card, they dont have a code to provide and problems to refund

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