Hello I got a warming and I need help!

So I was recently sent a warming for selling a Fortnite skin. I’ve sold multiple and had no issues, in fact I have a perfect rating score selling the skins. It’s not an account! But a skin. So I got a warining and I want to know if I can deliver the ones that were brought before the warming? And also ALOT of people are selling the samething, so WHY aren’t they taking action against those people? I just need clarification.

What did you sell (example/links)? Forum moderators need your profile code to identify you on the marketplace.

My code is GEDQ48

Hello, if you see many people selling that skin, please report them to us so we can take action as expected.


Hello, before I got the warning someone bought. And they keep messaging about delivery. It’s hav been a couple of days. So can I deliver just this one and then not sell anymore. Or should I just cancelll transaction? Please let me know

I deliver cause he kept bothering me about it. Please cancel if I wasn’t allow to do this please let me know.

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