Help, I got scammed. $50

My first purchase in gameflip is a scam. The seller did not deliver the amount of robux he said in his posting. The name of the seller is Z33 Shop.

He told me that I should wait until he is online and after school or after he slept. I told him that the time to complete the transaction will expire. He told me not to mind that as it will just appear that way and the transaction will not be completed. My bad, I trusted him. I know it’s my fault, but I am perplexed why the transaction is automatically completed when I did not approve or did not complete it myself. I thought gameflip will hold the amount until I clicked the complete transaction. I did not know that it will automatically be completed when the time expired. I do not know if gameflip can still help me. I am just taking chances here in the forum. I already submitted this problem with gameflip support and I am not getting responses or signs that I will get replies. Can anyone suggest me what to do exactly and can gameflip refund the amount I paid? Thanks for the help and sorry for my English, it’s not my first language.

Give your profile code here for the moderators to assist if they can. I’m pretty sure I found your profile and his negative feedback on your account admits he never sent anything. Based off his negative feedbacks, seems this has happened a few times to other people.

Accusers profile:

@MajorTom @DarkKnight

Hi, thank you for your reply. My profile code is 2RQUJ9
I hope this post will help, I need to get a refund.

Hello dcerner1,

According to our guidelines, the user has 3 days to check and rate the seller. If that doesn’t happen, the auto-rate will take effect and the transaction will be completed.

You can check this article below for more info:

Regarding the seller, he was permanently banned from our marketplace due to other reasons as well.