I have been wrongfully accused for using two different accounts. I have a twin sister who also has a gameflip account and, we have two family computers that we share. Which makes me believe that since her account was recently suspended, my account with 30+ all positive reviews is suspended. HELP PLEASE. I can prove that we’re twins if I need to. We have different phone numbers and her name is Yong Eun Shin (Young, Jeana) and my name is Yong Zu Shin (youngju). I did nothing wrong except have the same name as my sister who was suspended for her reasons. My in game name is Candyshot. I had $200+ dollars in my account, and I did nothing wrong. I beg someone to help me please. If I need documents to prove that we’re twins, I can send it. Just please I’m desperate

This is my account. I have my money on here and I’m freaking out please would anyone help me.


As I checked, this case is solved already.

If you have any other issues, please let me know.