Hi very pissed off

Ive waited for my money from my credit card for 4 days to be put in my wallet no replys or nothing if i dont get it in my wallet or my card bet your ■■■ im coming for that booty legaly with your guys commiting fraud taking my money i got bank statements 100$ hold my money a couple more days see what happens ill hit you with a larceny charge an sue the ■■■■ out of you people then let my bank have you after im done

well. if you just go to your bank. they will get your money back faster.
I made a purchase (12/16/19), then disputed it. It finally got cancelled on GF side (12/22/19) and got my refund into my account (12/30/19)

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Yeah im already on that once its done im washing my hands of this place all the bad reveiws i should of did my homework on this site its ran by bunch ■■■■ heads an dont get me started on the customer service lmmfao

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i’ve had a few ups and downs. I’m only going to attempt purchases when I have money that can sit for a month just en case lol