How do I report a seller after the gift card was fraudulent?

You know, there are real of ■■■■ in this world. Luckily, they barely affect me, but I know they can cause a major problem for others. I hate scammers, to my core. Worst than parasites.

Anyway, recently purchased a $50 Amazon GC and it was removed from my account a few days later. This has happened before. I was fortunate enough to be refunded back then, but this is ridiculous. This particular seller seemed to have gotten away with this several times. That’s the problem with gameflip’s transaction system.

How about when we purchase a gift card. Make the seller wait 7 days before they get paid. So just in case a stolen card was used. We could get our money back.

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Submit a Ticket here with All Required Information + All Screenshot/Video Proof if Possible.

Also, Gameflip does give you back the money you spent if that really happened. Happened to me once. I got Banned from Roblox after using a Roblox giftcard. It only Banned me after 1 whole month. Yet Gameflip could refund me the money I spent even though it had been such a long time.

As long you provide Proof, details and everything needed, you get your money back and the sellers will face Punishment. Nothing bad for helping the community punish a bad seller even though you just have to wait a few hrs/days to get your money back IF YOU actually got such issues like stolen card ETC.

Edit - Just saw your posts… Please don’t Spam. No one is willing to reply if you do that. Thank You and Have a Nice Day.

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You’re right about the post spam but I’m just frustrated. Mainly because it seems to happen regularly but nothing is being done about it. These sellers continue selling with high positive ratings and Gameflip isn’t stopping them.

The issue is with the way the scam works. So you buy a gift card that someone else acquires illegally, usually through credit fraud. The code they send you works, initially. So you confirm the transaction and Gameflip sends them the money. A few days pass and your account is suddenly missing funds. It’s because the stolen credit card that was used to purchase the gift card they sold you has been reported.


First of all, thanks Sparkling_Juice for helping with this topic.

@why_me The money is not released immediately to the seller. As you mentioned, we do hold their money for a few days before it’s available, this way we are able to refund or further investigate cases like yours.

Also, in order to further check your issue, you need to open a ticket to the support team with all the evidence that you can gather. Please use this link below to open the ticket.

PS: I had to edit your post, so If you seek help on the forum or via ticket, please don’t use this offensive language towards us, as we are always here to help.

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I do apologise for the way I approached this issue. Im just a little outraged and I could’ve handled it better.

At this point, it’s not really about the money I lost. It’s the fact these sellers continue to operate on this platform, and rip people off daily. I’ll gather whatever evidence I can and submit a ticket. Thanks for the advice.