How do I tell when someone has bought my item?

I’m new to gameflip. And this guy keeps commenting on one of my posts saying he purchased an item. I keep checking my “pending” and my “needs to send” tab but nothing is there. Is he trying to scam me? Or am I not checking in the right place?

@Tali @DunnBiscuit or any mod works

Please tell me there name or link your item.

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If someone posting in your comment saying they bought the item its most likely someone trying to get you to email them the code when they didn’t buy it.

It will tell you someone bought your item in the Notification tab but it wont say
Blank commet on your item then you go to the comments and the person tell you to send the code.

To be safe check your email to see if it said someone bought it.

Anyone with the name sell Confirmation or anything like gameflip Transaction or any user name that sound fake is mostly a scam.

Please link the item so we can check to see if its a scammer so we can banned them.

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