How do you prevent a fraudulent claim on digital items?

I play rocket league on Xbox and I want to sell some of my items, but i am afraid that once i trade the item someone will submit a false claim saying they did not get it. I realize you are supposed to take screenshots but sometimes they can’t show what happened because when you trade the item away you cant screenshot anything to prove that you actually gave it to them. I really hope there is a defense to fraudulent digital claims.

Howdy! I have been selling stuff in rocket league for about a year now and am glad to say I have not had to deal with any sort of false claim. That being said I find myself taking screenshots of what he says his username is and then recording a video showing the username and the trade completing. Hopefully I was able to give you a few ideas and perhaps you will come up with a few more.

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Might I ask what platform you play on, obviously it is easier to record on PC than xbox.

You can always record a video as @Kazzility_Rocket_Lea also suggested.

All platforms that support Rocket League are very easy to take screenshots and videos.

Thank you for the tips and Its also nice to see the leader of the forums still helping people out and not expecting other people to do it. I’ll definitely be spending some time on this site :slight_smile:

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