I can't login in the my account

Hi since a more days the card I use and on a phone currently not within my reach (it’s with a relative in the hospital) … it’s been about 3 days since I could no longer log in to confirm my identity by code. I received an email saying that I tried many times to log in without succeeding. Now I tried to log in and it tells me my account is suspended, but I am the owner !!, can you help me please? … I don’t have the customer code at the moment (I think I marked it but I can’t find it. In every case I can confirm via email, paypal address and also via cell (but the one only in a month when I have my card again). Can someone help me to access my profile ?

I have just received an email informing me of the renewal of my subscription as a seller. And in the meantime I can’t even use my account, if none helps me, I definitely abandon this site

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