i did notice this few store and report them and now so some mods here see them too

  • i did just notice this guy asking for customers accounts to deliver there items which as i do know is one of the biggest violations so i do wanna report it

  • here is the posts where he made the comment’s telling people they need to gave him there account’s:



as did notice this guy asking him for more of those rolblox money today and his still selling them

  • i did also notice guy as his going to many people and he did ask them to contact him out side of gameflip as he did same asking me and requesting to work through paypal so he can pay less. as we did tell him we do work only trough gameflip i did notice his asking the same thing for few other store saying he will be spending a lot of money and his also using gameflip as an advertisement as he do ask customers to buy from his website as u can check in pictures blow.

@MajorTom @DarkKnight

here is some more rule break as with this store ‘’ ElPipiRomagnoli ‘’ i did notice he did break most major rules everyday with out no problem as he was asking for people accounts, emails and password and now accepting and trying to contact outside with some other stores, and as usually they will mostly use services outside gameflip to avoid fees here is pic so if he deletes the post there is till prof

@MajorTom @DarkKnight

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Regarding those Robux listings, I do remember some people was doing that about 7-8 months ago.

They use some sort of currency change to bypass Roblox and buy Robux very cheap. Thus, they need accounts to do so. However, they cannot use an alt to do it because transferring Robux after will get the person banned on Roblox. I did notice that people who buy them do get the robux BUT if they try to give it to a group or friends, they have a high chance of getting account terminated on Roblox. It can only be used by the account itself to buy items.

So yeah, I do agree with you that those need to be removed and suspended. They break prices for people who exactly sells legit Robux.


  • as i was banned like last September of last year with out warnings even tho my listing at that time wasn’t a bata key or a preview but i was banned with out warning and as i did also report this people now for 5 days there is nothing but im waiting to see the support and most of them keeps going with that and right now here is direct Prof where that shot i did report asking to deal with PayPal with different store which already wanting to do it ‘’ qyt ‘’ which means secretly and there not banned yet but i will wait for the support from here to see this and see what they would do
    and here is the pic as i can tell you there will be switching discord in massages so people don’t see it
    but we do out best to keep the watch and im just hopping gameflip can do it’s job against this 2 shops

as he do also have to gameflip accounts here they are

Hello @baaziz0yassine,

I can’t do anything to help sadly. I just help keep forums clean, non toxic and help with common questions that I can help answer.

If you have not messaged them directly about the issue, please do so.

yeh i know and your doing great job i did massage them and made this post and tag them so they can see this problem as this may fix his

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This topic was answered via DM.

Users were warned or banned accordingly.