I got flagged for fraud right after depositing money and trying to buy a game.

So I found this site after finding a game on steam that has been on sale previously (checked with steam.db) and I wanted to buy it for a bit cheaper since I knew I could find it somewhere and well I did. I made an account and deposited 5 dollars; went to buy the game and it got cancelled. Which was a bit weird so I went to buy it again since I assumed the person I was buying it from didn’t have any more keys or something and then I got told I was marked for fraud. For literally no reason at all I was marked for fraud for trying to buy a game that’s 3.20 USD. Maybe it was because I was using a VPN? I don’t know but whatever the cause was I would really enjoy either getting a refund or being unmarked as fraud. It’s rather annoying when you find a game you wanna play with your friends and you were all about to have a session and you get marked for fraud for absolutely no reason. Should’ve just choked up the full 15 USD non-sale price on steam instead of trying this.

Can a mod please PM me or something I would like to get this solved asap.

@DunnBiscuit Maybe you could help?

Hello CellHunter,

Can you DM me your invite code or email/phone number registered in you Gameflip account?