I GOT SCAMMED BY “Boom’s shop!”

I got scammed by “Boom’s shop!” He was building me a glitched homebase on fortnite for 6 dollars, then finished and he was meant to teach me how to use the dupe so he said “complete order” so I said first show me then he explained to me, so I completed order then, and after that, I did it several times with my friends and it never worked so I wanted to do it with him but he said he was busy so i asked him for help later, then he answered back and said he is busy, so I messaged him even later and he said “trust me it works” then after that he never answered back. :triumph::sob::cry: I want my MONEY back :triumph:

Selling/buying “Duplication glitches” etc is not allowed on gameflip so i would not bring this to the forum if i where you

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