I just gave extra 92 crates to buyer by mistake

Hello 2 guy bought crates on me. One is bought 200 and one is bought 100. I got confused and i gave 192 crates to who bought my 100 crates. I asked him nicely but he threatened me and quited from my lobby. And now he is saying he is not gonna give the crates and he reported me. What can i do now ? I got all the screenshots. If the admins want i can upload the screenshots. I will upload the message history.

It doesnt let me add all the messages beacuse i am new user


Can you send me via PM the order ID so I can check it and see what can be done?


I dont’t know how to send pm
and my invite code is 7E5RP8

Just for the future reference.
After searching the forums after like 10 to 15 minutes you will get the title Basic User this will give you the power to message on the forums. All you need to do after getting this title is click the user profile and you will see Message. This will be private chat with that user.


This badge is granted when you reach trust level 1. Thanks for sticking around and reading a few topics to learn what our community is about. New user restrictions have been lifted; you’ve been granted all essential community abilities, such as personal messaging, flagging, wiki editing, and the ability to post multiple images and links.

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After further checking, unfortunately, not can be done here. You are the one responsible for delivering the right amount of items. After confirming the trade you can also confirm the items you are trading.

The transaction will be completed and you will receive the money, but nothing else can be done unfortunately.

I’m sorry.

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