I need to cancel my orders @op_JOkEr

I ordered 2 items and both I cant get because I havent done the verification yet. I just want to cancel them now but cant because its proccesing. @op_JOkEr

@MajorTom @TheFuBar @DarkKnight . @DunnBiscuit

Please Help my gameflip id is RCLXNH

Leave your Invite code and transactions ID’s

Invite Code is located on your profile page

My rocket Id Code???

And who are you

Just here to help lol. Cuz moderators will ask for transactions id’s…

Im so confused

I responded in another thread… but imma toss this same one here.

“Log in with your app on the phone, and then go and cancel them. For some reason you can’t cancel on the site if in browser, but you can cancel within the app.”

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@MadMan Your a legend

:slight_smile: I try. lol