i purchased steam key which was invalid and i cant submit an issue because i get an unexpected error

i have tried different browsers and laptops/PC i need help :frowning:

Do you get this error message trying to contact Support directly or filling a dispute through the listing itself. If you haven’t tried to already, please place a dispute through the listing itself by following the steps outlined here: https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/205357318

i have tried to do everything. but the thing is i just created a different account and it possible to report an issue with that profile yet not with the profile i purchased something on. i think i am purposely being prevented from filling an issue report. what should i do about this ?

If you created a different account, then you will need to log into that account and file the dispute on your purchase. There’s no way to access your account with the purchase on it from a different account.

is there another form of action i could take? or do you have any idea why i cant submit the issue with the item ?

Feel free to contact Support directly at support@gameflip.zendesk.com so we can better understand the situation and further assist you.

long story short i was given a code that dosent work… what do i do

Please do the following actions as I mentioned in the previous responses.