I want my money

my account has been suspended and I want to know when I will be able to enter it again or redeem my money.
Invite code:2MDPVM

Why did you create an account named “Transaction Pending”?

Dude, I do not have cell phone, I use my brother, he also plays rocket alloy, if he did this transaction account I do not know. I swear I’m not a scammer, I’ve been fooled and I do not want this for anyone, I just want my account back.

I have always sold my items honestly and I have money in my account. saw a purchase of a cell phone and you will see that it is only the code account: 2MDPVM will log into it.

if he created this account I’ll settle it with him, stay calm

but I have nothing to do with this I want my account released again. thanks in advance


Can someone help me??

Since you created an alternate account and used it to impersonate Gameflip and other sellers, a permanent suspension was placed into your account.

This can’t be lifted.