I was sold stolen Apple.com Giftcards


I purchased $250 in Apple gift cards from a seller here on Gameflip. At first, everything was okay. The gift card balances were correct, etc. But a few days after I placed my order, Apple told me that the gift cards were invalid, potentially stolen or bought with stolen credit cards. I had to pay the remainder of my Apple.com order out of pocket, as both gift cards were revoked.

I tried to reach out to the seller, but they blocked me! Nice! Negative feedback left, but I am still out the money I spent, and this seller is still out there selling stolen gift cards.

I made a ticket with Gameflip around a week ago and haven’t heard back. Anyone able to help?


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Hey @johncatman,

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and for the wait.

Not sure if you were answered through PM or another topic.

Has your issue already been resolved?

God Speed! :trident: