I was sold stolen Apple.com Giftcards


I purchased $250 in Apple gift cards from a seller here on Gameflip. At first, everything was okay. The gift card balances were correct, etc. But a few days after I placed my order, Apple told me that the gift cards were invalid, potentially stolen or bought with stolen credit cards. I had to pay the remainder of my Apple.com order out of pocket, as both gift cards were revoked.

I tried to reach out to the seller, but they blocked me! Nice! Negative feedback left, but I am still out the money I spent, and this seller is still out there selling stolen gift cards.

I made a ticket with Gameflip around a week ago and haven’t heard back. Anyone able to help?


Hey @johncatman,

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and for the wait.

Not sure if you were answered through PM or another topic.

Has your issue already been resolved?

God Speed! :trident:

I have the same problem. Somebody can help me?


If you have not contacted Support first, I suggest you to do it first.

After that, you can message DarkKnight directly about it with your ticket ID, some details, invite code and Order ID. Of course you also must have enough proof.
Messaging works like this VV

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