i would love if gameflip can start banning people when they just lie and open disputes.

today i have just seen the dumbest problem ever, this guy did redeem a key then he said he don’t have the game, so we told him oki we want you to contact xbox support and gave them your account GT and the key ans ask them to check if that key is redeemed on your account, then open xbox.com and go to that game on the store page with that same account and take screen shot proving what ur claiming.

  • they just didn’t wanna provide that even though we did ask like 3-6 time

■■■ this same customer did buy from us like 5 days that same game and it’s work for him so in the middle of this we told him why did your last game work and this one didn’t and he said ow the last game i did buy from you was just taken away so i did buy new key to play, like why well u buy from same store same game if ur last one was take away and not report this to as like my game is gone or something he did just buy the new post and asked for the key.

  • and as many people here know xbox once u redeem a key it’s yours as you can’t refund them or get them canceled when u buy the key from Microsoft as there refund policy is
    #1 - key must not be used so it’s still active.
    #2 - the key can refunded with in 14 days on purchase.

as he did also confirm he did redeem it and all as i do just expect thinking that if he said the key didn’t work we well be like oki here is your money back with out him provide any info, i would love to know if this kind of people well be banned or what not just loss the dispute and go do this with someone else, as he get the game now and his blocking the payment.

  • he told us last night he well get us the info requested but today he just opened a dispute and stop answering us as he can’t provide anything, i would love support to check this and bann this kid of people to help us seller move with our work with out this kind of scammers

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I agree i have had some many people do this

true and the funny part is the lies his saying they don’t make sense, and when u ask them for simple request as contact xbox support well take him less than 5min to obtain the info we asked then pic from the shop but some people think they can so it and do it again