if buyer want to scam what we should to do?

several times some buyers try to scam
after redeem code says, code not works, bla bla bla,
but when we shows evidences that codes redeemed by him
says: ooh sorry , i just saw balance on my account bla bla bla.

what we can do in this case ?
if report to moderators, any action my moderators or ? they will say also order completed successful,
but problem is that may be he cant scam me but he will scam other sellers,

how do u check if its was redeemed by them as most people just can’t

yes most people cant check because some buyers think that he can scam here all sellers

got most buyer they may not be able to do it as for me we do always got receipt as if we did sold it at 12:00, we got the keys at 12:05 with receipt so after we send key its it redeemed its got to be the buyer as key was just bought, but i haven’t meet any scammer for about like 1 year ago now mostly people buy and some rate u or some leave u with 3 days timer, with some dumb people opening dispute telling me they didn’t know the key was for xbox not psn or steam even tho its telling that in platform

I also faced with same type of scammers during this year many many times. I think if buyer tries to scam seller - moderators have to suspend him, or as minimum to warn him.

Nah once a scammer always a scammer. No warnings just ban. They know what they are doing. No second chances.

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