Illegally obtained giftcards being sold?

I noticed a lot of really cheap gift cards on Gameflip and with some research I found out that these are common signs of “cracked gift cards”. Many of them dont have pins aswell. Shouldn’t gameflip be taking these cards down without pins? It is illegal both for the buyer and seller and can lead to jail time. For the sake of gameflip protecting itself and others I feel like they should be stricter with selling giftcards.

I personally can’t tell from reading the gift card listings. The card number & pin are often delivered after successful purchase, so I’m not sure how you can tell whether the card is “cracked” or not.

If you think you can tell “for sure”, report those listings to Gameflip.

Just use some logic. You’ll see a ton of 60 - 80% off gift cards for some cards like AMC, Regal, Unos, PF Changs. Why would one person have so many and sell them so cheap? Also gift cards become cracked through a bot process where it checks every code based on a pattern. If you check the sellers description sometimes they will say no pin with card. I mean come on someone is selling a $50 AMC card for $9 just because they want to quick sell? If they wanted to quick sell their are plenty of auto selling sites like card cash which will buy for even more. I can’t report them all there are a ton and they have been going on for a while now. I tried to ignore it at first too and just think I was getting a good deal, but I stopped buying because there are many cases where people are put in prison simply for buying stolen gift cards. The maximum sentence is 17 years in prison and a $5 million dollar fine. That’s not worth it just to save some money.

Not jail time but just dont buy for example the netflix cards. Ive seen 60 usd netflix for 9$. This shows the cards are stolen or cracked

Maybe not jail time but it’s definitely happened in the past. The reason why I’m so worried is that you have to provide so much info to gameflip if a product you purchased was a result of fraud, then you’re facing some pretty major fines and potential prison.

What if you are reseller? You buy the cards, you did not steal them

yes, it is obviously those cards are bought with stolen cc or as you say cracked…

what a fraud

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I’d avoid reselling gift cards unless you are sure of your source. You put yourself and buyers at risk of losing the balance or even having accounts suspended if cards are charged back.

Some of those are legit from promotions like the AMC or ones. Due to this they are considered kind of garbage cards and the usual card buying sites won’t take them. I’m sure there’s still some sketchy ones out there, but you can get some gift cards for way ridiculously cheap through legitimate promotions.

If you see any cards like these ons you are talking about, please, report them so we can investigate them and take any necessary action.

Thank you.

I’ve reported a couple times, but the response is never fast enough before they are sold. I honestly just think Gameflip should require users to have their cards checked by gameflip before being sold. I mean some people are literally selling pdfs as a gift card. I know gameflip does have a good 3 day policy though to avoid scams, but it’s best to filter out the stolen cards before hand. If such a large case were to occur where the seller is required by law to state where he has been selling and who he has sold too, it could mean a lot of trouble for the site and buyers.

Edit: For example a $30 american eagle promo code was just posted on gameflip for $13.50. I know gameflip does not allow the selling of coupons and neither does the law.

You can legally sell coupons/promo codes on eBay and other sites. There’s a whole section for it even, but there are restrictions. Many items have “not for resale” on them, but that’s not a legal thing. It usually means they aren’t labeled for resale. There was huge debate around this when UV/digital movie codes appeared on the market. The studios or whoever tried to prevent resale and were totally unsuccessful. (However codes sold before release dates, which happens on here, can result in a cease and desist notice.) A .pdf doesn’t mean it isn’t legitimate either, it’s just usually tied to a promotion and will likely expire. I’ve printed out .pdfs at home to use at restaurants, movie theaters, retail stores, and many other chain businesses. It’s usually not a gift card by definition because they can expire, but it’s nothing illegal. Others appear to be rewards you get for spending x amount in store that stores give out to bring customers back. This user likely paid nothing to get this hot topic cash and it expires so if he doesn’t want anything it’s better to get 30% of the value rather than nothing.

I wouldn’t mind if promos were sold on GF, but sellers should be more clear about what they are selling and that you have to spend $30 to get $15 off, rather than just being $15 for hot topic. They should also have their own section and be one time use codes. I understand if GF doesn’t want to support this type of sale, but it’s definitely not illegal and shouldn’t be confused with illicit things like card fraud.

Also, many times they will get the sales, but the account will be banned and funds held when they attempt to cash out so they aren’t getting away with it. Having items go on review is going to cost Gameflip more and earn them less while potentially allowing new scams. (Redeeming or reselling a code after it goes through review, for example.)

  • No website takes cards of all kinds
  • Other websites offer the same rate as the rate offered in here
  • Gift cards from other websites also end up being fraud, empty balance
  • Paypal isn’t available to all country, Gameflip offers btc payout