I'm a new gift card seller


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I mad a mistake on the pic, I tried deleting but it wont, I flagged and asked it be removed.


But that’s my account and I am a honest seller.


If you see this it should let you edit your post.

Lucy :heart:


I wanted to delete the pics. I don’t know of its braking the rules.


If you see that pencil just click on your post and remove the link. You will see something like this.

If you’re worry just click the Add edit reason and type in removed picture.

If you flagged the post the moderator will delete these post soon.


Thanks @CidxLucy, I did it:pray::joy::rofl:


Thanks, I saw his other topic yesterday:

But I don’t buy from newly registered users, sorry VerifiedSeller.


Thanks, it starts with a purchase @BlackEdition. I don’t give bad cards and I ate disputes.


All old members were once new like me, it starts with a purchase, please view my profile.


Yes I understand. Keep selling and gather more ratings and Im sure you’ll attract a lot more buyers including me! :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Yes sure, thank you :pray: :pray:


Nice funds…lol. Good luck with your sales


Lol thanks


Are any buyers here who need cards regularly? Not just 1-2 every few weeks. Looking for someone who could take daily/weekly. (can provide nearly any cards needed)




Wow my dispute has been cleared, I feel good talalalala. :joy::joy: Thanks game flip.