Is auto listing/delisting allowed?

I see these guys auto listing and delisting:

i saw it wasnt allowed 4 years ago, what about now?

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Yes It’s allowed and gameflip doesn’t particularly care about api spam.

The only rule they actually have is that your not allowed to delete and re-list the same item within a 24 hour period. Other then that users can hardcore spam and delete with their bots as much as they like

Hello everyone!

We do have a scripting limit to reduce spamming and we are constantly analyzing the situation to create more specific rules in the future to better address the spam issue.

@Noxcy, please do not spread misinformation to other users.

Godspeed! :trident:

Right sorry, Your scripting limit is 10-11 seconds between listings witch is still absolutely ridiculous and allows for hardcore spam so aside from that nothing I said was really misinformation, but to each their own.

Hello @Noxcy,

We thank you for the feedback regarding the scripting limit and as informed before, we are always looking for ideias to reduce this issue in the marketplace.

Also, the fact that your are stating that users can hardcore spam and that we don’t care about spam is incorrect.

So please do not spread misinformation and this counts as a warning.

Feel free to open a ticket in the following link if you have an spam related issues, as we are always trying to verify with the engineers what can be done about this:

Godspeed! :trident: