Is selling Robux still allowed?

Im guessing it isnt because currently no other robux listings are avalible.

Hey everyone. Robux listings are now allowed. You can find the latest information on what is not allowed on Gameflip at

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Thank you my friend got two warnings on his account for listing robux.


Can my two warnings be removed please? I find them very unfair warns because if robux was originally not allowed, the entire category should have been removed. When you click in game items–> Roblox—> the first option that comes up is robux. Not only this but I saw other robux postings even after mine were taken down and after speaking with those users, they received no warnings at all!

Thanks for your help,

No rush in a response I’m just really concerned about the two warnings I recieved! If you can’t answer about it is there an email I should contact?