Is there a way to open a case on a cancelled order?

This dude literally cancelled my order for NO reason. I bought his NFR blue dog and he never told me he wanted a pet in the beginning. He joined me after accepting my friend request and then told me to add a pet. He never once told me to check dms. When he left, I then checked dms. 'Course I found it unfair to give a pet after paying money for it, then I thought he’s reasoning sounded fair so I told him TWICE I would give him an uncommon pet and then he just cancels it! I get that I will be refunded and all, but this is annoying! :roll_eyes:

Order ID: 67540fb2-60a0-4161-b0da-7f64c868844a

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Not sure why he thinks giving a common pet will reduce of chance getting banned on Roblox.

Based on your screenshots, he only writes that he needs you to trade a common or uncommon pet after buyers buy.

Thus, what you can do is send a ticket to Support regarding this. Just explain like what you wrote and screenshots same as on forums. Adding additional rule only after buyer buys does not look good on the seller.

And you can block him as well and move on as there will be all types of people so no need to mind him too much.

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Thanks for the info, I will do that. Yea, if anything, I would think giving a common/uncommon for just a neon pet would make it even more suspicious.I hate to hate on people, but people like him are annoying.