Is there anyway i can cancel my payment before it goes through from pending? I didnt mean to buy it

I need to cancel my payment, I didnt mean to buy it…

What did you buy exactly? It takes quite a few clicks and confirmations before you actually purchase an item. If you changed your mind, let your seller know in advance, especially if it is a keycode or auto delivery. If the order does go through, message your seller and ask if they can please cancel it so you can get a refund. Most sellers have no problem doing so.

i bought a csgo knife but my payments been put into pending

i cant find where to cancel it

Normally when a payment is on hold / pending, it means you need to submit proof of identity to prove you are the owner of the card / payment method. In your case, not submitting anything would work in your favor since it will be cancelled without proof. Keep in mind if you make future purchases that you went to go through, check the email you made your account with to find an email requesting information.

fu ck it, i already sent the ID im just gonna gamble this knife and see where it goes lool.