Item missing. See - Trying to retrieve item but getting that error message

“Item missing. See

According to the link it means that the item doesn’t exist or the account holding the item was banned or something…

How can I get my item/refund?

"26 Revoked

Access has been revoked (used for revoked guest passes)
You may receive this result when sending, accepting, declining, or canceling a trade offer. Below is an explanation of what this result means in this context.

This response code suggests that one or more of the items in this trade offer does not exist in the inventory from which it was requested."

Hey, please, pm me with your invite code and more details of this error so I can help you further, thanks!

My invite code is 18XA47 I brought a bundle of moonglow off TheFortniteGod he said on the form it will be in 1day and it’s been 2 and he hasn’t messaged me once any other details u need