It's football time again!

Who’s your favorite college and pro team? I am a Tennessee Vols and Titans fan. I am proud of the Vols, and I don’t care to admit to my pro team.

Norte dame and Cowboys baby! You don’t talk against the Irish but I can handle your trash against romo especially living north of philly😝

The Irish like looked great yesterday, but unless you are talking about the Aikman/Smith/Irvin days I can’t agree with Dallas. To me, Dallas hasn’t been as great as they were during those years. Sorry, I used to be a fan, but I changed once the Titans arrived. Still though, I have been a huge Vols fan throughout.

Who doesn’t love football!? My favorite NFL team is the Baltimore Ravens and I don’t watch much college football. My schedule at work finally changed to so I can watch every game!

yes 20 years ago they were an incredible team. My family are Eagles fans and my wifes family are steelers fans so I’m kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place but maybe one day soon they’ll get a QB that is clutch and doesn’t choke under pressure

Eagles and Steelers, oh that would make for an interesting get together. I love to watch football, but the last time I went to an Eagles game, which was the last time they went to the Super Bowl, was my last Eagles game as it was hard to deal with some of the fans.

Looks like tomorrow will be another great Saturday as the Vols step up to play Oklahoma! Hope it is a good game regardless who wins… Well, as long as the Vols win.

Another reason for my hatred of philly teams. The fans are sore losers. You lose we riot, you win we riot. I do always love it when teams in the same state play each other.(if you want to call all of it subways series) mets/yanks…Texas a&m/Texas state. Etc etc it’s always a good game, probably more so cause the fans! Oh yea 26 hrs left in this giveaway

College football, and one more day to go in the giveaway. Exciting weekend!