Jealous kid makes 25+ abusive & insulting comments on my posts

An incredibly disrespectful and jealous kid has made MORE THAN 25 abusive, insulting comments on ALL of my posts (more than 24! posts) … He first started the harassment 2 days ago by commenting on my posts and making bogus claims like “Im copycat” and “I copied his description” lol … After explaining to him i didn’t copy anything and every single thing used in my posts including the image is made by me … In shear Jealousness and braindead behavior he keeps going on a rant and talking ■■■■ about me and insulting me and then BLOCKS me to comment on his listings … I was pissed af but I thought whatever its just an angry kid to I even DELETED that listing and didnt even block him…

Apparently, the kid can’t bare competition … Because of me being an older and more experienced seller I was able to offer the items at a much cheaper price than his which hurted his sales cuz ppl were buying from me instead …

And now after 2 days from the previous incident the kid has the guts to make INSULTING and ABUSING comments on ALL of my posts again… This time he didn’t even didn’t even had any excuse so he just resorted to cussing words and insults … I have attached screenshots as PROOF … If this isn’t enough to get this kid banned i don’t know what will be.

This is unacceptable in any case … Straight up abusing and insulting comments and that too not on 1 of my post but all of my posts … I request other sellers to report this kid aswell

His profile:
His profile name: :white_check_mark::round_pushpin:Recklesz•_•Shop​:round_pushpin::white_check_mark:
My inv code: Q4MFVG

Even more snaps:


Screenshot%20(461) Screenshot%20(468)

Thanks for reporting.

I suspended the user for good to the kind of comments he made.

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Thank you for taking action so fast!

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I’m glad to help.

Feel free to contact me if you need any further help or have questions.


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