Just got this message from a buyer....

Alright so I did a sale not too long ago he didn’t rate me but you know I waited and then he sent me this message : Game flip added a 24 hour time on the rate don’t trust me ? Report it and they will tell u the same it’s a new update

I know this can’t be true. He’s kinda new too only has 4 reviews but yeah I don’t really care it’s a small amount but I think he’s tryna scam me even tho he can’t. Can someone explain this to me

edit : He just rated me after I said that it was not possible that I did a sale just before him and was able to rate me. Still want to know is it true?

Definitely not true

Thanks Vanilla. That’s what I thought. So he tried to ‘’scam’’

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No telling, people are weird on gameflip. :thinking:

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