Just sitting here ignoring the giveaway

I might enter, maybe not. Who wants to talk about something other than the giveaway? Maybe about that new third party candidate. Deez- something or other I think.

Some people say they dont like him because hes misrepresenting the black population and this is why people cant take blacks seriously. :confused:

Lolwut? I was talking about Deez Nuts (a REAL candidate) google it

Yea, I was too, if you look at Deez Nuts’ profile theres no real name but he race is identified as black, and thats why people cant take blacks seriously… according to people i know…

Well actually now he’s been identified, but… yea…

Oh, well he’s white. I assume he’s listed as black because of the original Deez Nuts.

I think it’s a pretty good political statement at the very least. It’s a testament to how horrible politics in this country are.