Just want to know if reselling is allowed

The title. Found out a user who bought items from me is reselling the same items for a much more ridiculous price. I have blocked them from my store, but just would like to know if reselling is in fact allowed. Can’t find anything on the help center.

Well, if help center has no information, you could always send a ticket asking about whether buyer reselling the same item you sold to him is allowed or not.

My opinion, since you sell Roblox items like I do, I am sure you know many people buy low price items and either flip it into better items to sell (different items but he/she traded the item bought for those) or resell it for a higher price. Same goes for fortnite items and many other games.The main thing is whether people would be willing to buy at the ridiculous price or not. (Barely Happens)

Under https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/205739528-Gameflip-Guidelines, once listing is sold and completed transaction, the item is now offically the buyers. What he/she does with the item is not within your control anymore.

Under that too, Only prohibited, counterfeit, stolen items, random listings (Example - if you buy this listing, you can randomly get XXX) , accounts (OF ANY TYPE) and beta codes are NOT allowed.

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Hi for me as my experienced i encountered a lot of my customers/buyers telling they were reselling, On my manual delivery listings i always ask them if my buyer is end user or reselling (end user is the one who will use the code in his/her account) sometime they tell they are reselling and i always stated on a chat box or description (auto delivery)that once the codes has been released, you assume all liability on it, Of course i did always video recordings to support my claim if there’s something bad happen

As some of my buyer reselling the item/codes that bought from me, some will tell to me that my code were already used/redeemed but they can’t deny that i sent working codes because i had video proof, some have been scammed in their end unfortunately and asking for replacement codes which i can’t do.

For me reselling is allow i think as long as buyercan handle the risk on it, just be sure you always send working code and have proof so in the end if your buyer want to cheat on you and file a dispute, you have evidence against him/her

i am reselling too, nobody told me anything

Thanks for your guys input.

Hello @Donghui,

Reselling items is allowed on the Gameflip marketplace, as long as they are items that are allowed to be sold on the Gameflip marketplace. Just like @Sparkling_Juice informed :wink: Thanks!

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