Layout changed 2 weeks ago, Suggested Steam price/Discount% not showing

Im not sure if anyone has raised this before.

It was found that the Suggesting Steam price is no longer showing for me and causing no discount rate is showing. It happens to all those Rust/Dota/CSgo item listings.

Indirectly it caused all the sales volume go down heavily.

Can you please check on this? @DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit

I made a ticket about this. I’m also having problems with the suggested prices on my listings not changing. They’ve stayed the same price for like a month now…

Hello everyone!

Could you please provide me the tickets that you have opened for this case please?

God Speed! :trident:

unfortunately i did not raise a ticket for this. tbh 7 out of 10 tickets i raised in the past was unattended. so i think i raise it here better.

Hi, I think this is the ticket. 666582

any update on this?

Hey guys!

I’m sorry for the wait.

I have verified and the QA team already opened a ticket to resolve this and the ticket was closed with a fix.

Hope you have an awesome day!

God Speed! :trident:

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