Like new condition

So I bought a game and the seller said it was in “new” condition but it was opened and played before so he should have listed it as “like new” but he didn’t and I don’t want to return it and pay the shipping fees is there anything I can do?

Order # df4252d7-c23b-419d-b856-05b3bdbca931

Well GameFlip will not refund you and you get to keep the game if thats what you are after. Yeah the seller did wrong in marking it new if it wasn’t. Me personally I would give them a Neutral rating, leave a comment in the feedback about it, and never purchase from them again. If you can overlook it and its usuable It probably be your best bet as getting mod help on forums is hit or miss. They rarely on anymore and tickets are always backed up. So it probably be more of a headache for you to go the return route if that is even possible. Best of luck to you. :sunglasses::facepunch:

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Thanks man, I just decided to confirm the purchase and move on. It was wrong of him but it’s not like I have much options. It wouldn’t be a big deal if it wasn’t for a Christmas gift.

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Sorry they did you like that buddy. Take care.