Literally Begging for Support...Text Verify Issue

I am not getting the codes to my phone until a day after i try to login.

my account is suspended too many wrong attempt of text verify code.

asked for help… after 6 days they said it was fixed …still not fixed…

going on a week now lost all my sales could not login to deliver… prob got terrible feedback.

Now i am literally begging a moderator for help so i can get back some sales as i am now going broke .
Thank You

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Got help from support and they still have not fixed … lol

hello help please

Private message the moderator the full phone number you registered on Gameflip and ask them to unsuspend your phone. To private message, click on their name and click the orange “Message” button, or go to their forum profile.

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This issue was answered via email and private message.

:trident: New forum moderators!