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still i wish you the best

“lgbt is spreading noting but love”. that is incorrect. in fact that’s so false that you’d have to be willingly ignorant on the matter to state that and mean it.

“i wish you the best”.
yeah, i highly doubt that. i sense more contradiction. I’m gonna take a guess and say you can’t define “hate speech” here and now without being guilty of it yourself within this single thread.

if you’re so eager to find the meaning of hate speech i suggest you to grab a dictionary. the website you’re in might not have the answer, you know that, right?. What i see here is some guy on the internet who gets mad at a rainbow flag lmaoooo

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did someone say they were “eager to find the meaning of hate speech”?
your reply is an absolute misunderstanding of my own, u know that right? either u have a difficult time with simple interpretation, or ur just not very good at conversation and debate.
ey, who’s angry? does this…
-----> :smile: look angry? I’m sry you’ve got it wrong. until u came along, i was pretty indifferent. now i can’t help but look forward to ur replies. seems I’ve got u worked up over simple truths.
who’s mad at the rainbow flag? i ate rainbow cake at Barnes & Noble just the other day. the red layer was the best part.
calm down ma’am. relaaax. nothing here to get all worked up over :call_me_hand:t4:

if you really want to create a debate we can have a chat sitting in a cafe anytime. Yet, i dont think i found simple truths in any of your comments (and after calling someone ‘ignorant’, i guess i wont be expecting any).

sure, that makes a whole lot of sense. whatever u say Ms Snow :ok_hand:t4: take care now.
don’t let that attitude get the best of ya :kissing_heart:

take care, sugar lips

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