Many wrong things going on

From the last thread.

I don’t see that on the Terms of Service when signing up on, I already took a picture of it and cache the page on google. The quote where you got that from was from the forum TOS, not the marketplace it self.

So I suspect this is a normal procedure you do with all sellers who sell gift cards? Because I highly doubt you do, just a small investigation with those sellers and we would see this is something you never usually ask from sellers unless a situation arises such as a dispute.

I see many listings that break your TOS with Trademark Infringement and nothing has happen to any of those sellers. An example is sellers selling Apple charger products without being licensed by Apple to do so. which is trademark infringement for them to label it as a Apple product for a IPhone product.

  1. Prohibited, Questionable and Infringing Items and Activities
    Restricted Activities
    Your Content and your use of Gameflip shall not:
    Infringe upon any third-party’s copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary or intellectual property rights or rights of publicity or privacy
  1. Breach
    Without limiting any other remedies, Gameflip may, without notice, and without refunding any fees, delay or immediately remove Content, warn Gameflip’s community of a user’s actions, issue a warning to a user, temporarily suspend a user, temporarily or indefinitely suspend a user’s account privileges, terminate a user’s account, prohibit access to the Services, and take technical and legal steps to keep a user off the Services and refuse to provide services to a user if any of the following apply:

Don’t forget

“Gameflip suspects (by information, investigation, conviction, settlement, insurance or escrow investigation, or otherwise) a user has breached this Agreement or other policy documents and community guidelines incorporated herein; Gameflip is unable to verify or authenticate any of your personal information or Content; or Gameflip believes that a user is acting inconsistently with the letter or spirit of Gameflip’s policies, has engaged in improper or fraudulent activity in connection with Gameflip or the actions may cause legal liability or financial loss to Gameflip’s users or to Gameflip.”

And since I haven’t broken anything from the terms of service.
Right now Gameflip is questioning me and is in suspect if the cards are fraudulent.

“Gameflip, in its sole discretion, may inspect and verify (i) details related to the listing sold, (ii) the buyer of the listing and (iii) the seller of the listing. As a part of the verification process, Gameflip may require the seller or buyer to provide additional identification information, including, without limitation, a copy of a valid driver’s license (or other form of government issued identification) prior to or during the transaction. Users may also be asked to go through additional security procedures and share additional information to confirm their identity. Gameflip reserves the right to reject any item(s) that we believe (in our sole discretion) may: (i) be fraudulent, invalid, inauthentic or stolen, (ii) have come from an unauthorized or illegal source, (iii) be related to any illegal activity or (iv) otherwise pose a financial risk to us or our users.”

As you can see from the bold sentence above, it says “that we believe may be fraudulent”, yes, they are unsure for this part if it’s fraudulent or not, and the punishment they listed is that the listing will be rejected. But that’s not the only thing they did, they suspended me which is against their TOS as I never broke anything.

"5. Prohibited, Questionable and Infringing Items and Activities
You are solely responsible for your conduct and activities on and regarding to Gameflip and any and all data, text, information, usernames, graphics, images, photographs, profiles, audio, video, items, and links (together, “Content”) that you submit, post, and display on Gameflip.

Restricted Activities
Your Content and your use of Gameflip shall not:

Be false, inaccurate or misleading
Be fraudulent or involve the sale of illegal, counterfeit or stolen items"

Again with this part, this section of the Terms of Service is only stating if the listing is 100% deemed fraudulent.

On the app under help > terms of service > membership eligibility > right to refuse service it mentions their right to refuse service. You should find proof of purchase as nitpicking at the small things on here isnt convincing anyone.

You just mentioned in the app, but I never install the app. When signing up on, the terms of service is shown their in the registration form, those are the TOS I agreed with. Not from the app which is different.

And I am not nitpicking, I am stating the facts here that are shown on the Terms of Service which I agree with when signing up.

They can only suspend a user for breach of their TOS on (section 12. Breach) since that’s the platform I signed up for. The only things that talk about fraudulent listings are in section, 4. Listing, Selling, and Buying and 5. Prohibited, Questionable and Infringing Items and Activities.

Section 4, states they reserve the right to deny the listing if they may believe the listing to be fraudulent. My listing was never denied when I posted it and when it was up for days until a buyer bought it. But sure, they could had remove the item, but they suspended me instead.

And on

Section 5, states restricted items are “fraudulent or involve the sale of illegal, counterfeit or stolen items” By the wording they put, it is saying if any of the suspected item is found 100% against those restricted items. But Gameflip aren’t still sure if my listing was 100% fraudulent, they only suspected because of a report from a user.

It’s under section 12 breach on the website. Took me 30 seconds max to find on mobile.

If you read section 12, it states they can only do that if I breach the agreement.

Ignore all that. This is the paragraph you need:

“Gameflip reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate a person’s account or any accounts held by that person by virtue of association, including all usernames under which that person operates on Gameflip.”

Let’s not forget you basically scammed 2 guys then selfishly only thought about how it affected you. Get in that garbage and find the receipt or move on.

“to keep a user off the Services and refuse to provide services to a user if any of the following apply:”

Never did I scammed two users, state where I said that.
The first $25 Card listing was sold 1-2 days before the second listing was sold which is the listing where this all occurred. The first buyer hasn’t contacted me about any issues of the card, he in fact marked the transaction completed because he had no issue with it.

But the second listing, that’s where I accidentally entered the wrong card, I accidentally inputted a card that I labelled as used by me, here’s to clarify it, when I sell cards, I mark it with a marker with a S for Sold and U if I used it. I mixed up two cards by accident, the card that was USED by me, I marked it with the S and the card that I marked as S, that’s the one I used.
When I discover what actually happen, I was offering to compensate the buyer with the card that still had balance, the original card that was meant for the buyer. But when I saw that the buyer still decided to use the first card that was accidentally marked wrong, I offered him the $20 card that I had because if I gave him the $25, he would had owed me.

And for the receipt, I already have a neighbor kid looking through the bags for me for the store receipt, this I can guarantee I’ll find. But the service that I’ve been given on here has been unjustified.

You didn’t and still havent provided evidence and provided terrible service to two customers. Get off your high horse.

Clearly you need a more efficient system.

Again, which is the second customer that you keep talking about? First listing was done quickly, I sent the buyer his card, second listing is where I got mixed up with two cards (none of the cards were from the first listing), I can’t tell if you’re serious or just trolling now when I’m clearing this up.

And what I said on the previous post can be supported by the messages I sent to the buyer with the conversation we had, so NO, I never attempted to scam anyone, you keep missing the point, I WAS OFFERING TO GIVE THE SECOND CUSTOMER WHO BOUGHT THE SECOND CARD A REPLACEMENT.

And the second customer refused the replacement and decided to contact support to shut my account.

Second where you sent the code you already sold to the first buyer. Why are you even still arguing here? The support told you what evidence you need to provide yet you are still here baffled as to why your system is awful and how you let down two buyers. Until the “neighborhood kids” find the receipts just shut up and quit posting.

Yea that’s it, you are just trolling now.
But just in good faith that you might be dumb.
Here’s a simple way to point it to you for your feebleminded brain.

#1 Card
Sold to 1st Customer

#2 Card & #3 Card
Accidentally gave #3 Card to second customer which #2 was meant for
him originally since I used the #3 Card before the day of him purchasing the #2 Card

Edit: Can’t seem to make a new post for some sort of restriction for first day users?

Jokes aside for calling you feebleminded, but did you at least get the clarification that I kept trying to show you? And I also hope being a troll is against the rules so you can get ban.

And to bring back half of the part the thread was meant for, Gameflip allows sellers to break their Trademark Infringement TOS and nothing has happen to them, in fact most of the sellers are one or two years active on here. I’m surprised no one has reported to those companies on how Gameflip allows those sellers to sell products using the company names on it and plus the items they sell are fake and cheaply made!

Yes, start slinging insults. Very wise. Enjoy your permanent ban.