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So I had someone, he scammed me for 3 codes. He bought 1 code, said it doesn’t work, I thought I probably did a mistake. So I replaced the code, before sending I checked the code was working.
He again said the code isn’t working, he prolly used it. I replaced again and checked before sending to him. He again said it isn’t working. So I stopped replacing, I lost like $70 cuz of that.

I had all the proof in the chat of the codes that I sent him, today he texted me, and he had changed his name today and now all the chat and proof against him is gone. What happened here?!!! I will just be screwed for another $33 out of no where!!

Please help.
@MajorTom @DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit

Thank you

u can find ur chat lmao , go to purashe then click the like that - message seller -
i mean go to sell* image|690x79

I wouldn’t be posting if i hadn’t done that🤦🏻‍♂️ I had about 30-40 messages. Now there’s 8 or 10 messages left.
Feels as if he hacked n removed proof

Ok update, finally they appeared

Who was it that did that??? Not cool at all… Pretty sure I know who you are and pretty sure I’ve bought from you :>

Man you are smart😂
Also when u asked the knight dude for $120 for 3.
I made an ad, n also texted on an ad where u had commented to notify you that I was giving u that offer, but welp xD our luck didn’t correspond that day, n u probably skipped a notification xD

Wow you joined forum few days go, all good?

Ohhh shoot yea I changed my notifications and cleared a bunch so I might of missed it - Knight stole me for a buy… he’s a good dude too though so at least I can vouch for you both :slight_smile:

Yes I just joined the forums last week - I joined to report some of those new scammer sellers that were popping up like crazy.

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yea, still lots of minty scammers

send me his profile link so i can block him from my store as well :confused:

Hello yousafzafar,

Can you send me the listings/transaction IDs so I can further check what happened?

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Thank you, the issue was resolved

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