messaging salesmen/ refund

I want to send a message to a seller about a package that never arrived and I don’t have a clue how to. amyone know? also if he’s a scammer how do I get a refund ?

Buyer/Seller communication is open as long as the transaction is. Once you rate and complete the transaction, you agree to receiving and accepting the item which closes the messaging between the Buyer and Seller.

If you are having issues and need to contact them, please contact Gameflip Support so we can further assist you.

but how do I do it ? send him a message

If the transaction hasn’t been completed, you can go to the listing in question, scroll down till you see the Sellers profile and right underneath it is the button to message them.

thanks man,
how many more words till 20 characters

wait what the ■■■■ it says the transaction is complete but i never received the game i bought. it cost me 45 bucks plus 2 for shipping it was deus ex mankid divided. bruh i want my game or my money to but the game but i really need help in a bad way.

bbur can you call me actually when can you talk it would be easier than typing back and forth

look at this it says its completed i never received a game I’m so ■■■■■■■ upset I’m genuinely on the brink of tears

don’t judge me for the minecraft on my task bar I’m using my sister’s laptop while not at home