Missing Grey shirts

Please help! I had 4 grey shirts listed withdrew 2 of them then I went back for the other 2 and they weren’t there?!? My connection was poor on my phone but now it’s fine but still no grey shirts in steam or the site… I have the proof through my steam transactions. Just FYI I’m not blaming the site I’m just really confused and would appreciate some help if this has happen before to anyone and how to fix it. Thanks!

may you can try sell an item. it usually when return item more than 3 is like stuck or something. so just try sell an item, let see there trade offer for your return item or not. if you have try this still not apper trade offer for your return item, try to retrieve that item you mean in the draft again

They usually appear in the draft but they didnt this time! Hmm

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Hey please, contact me via PM and send me your invite code so I can check this situation for you, thanks!