Moderators are uninterested at all

I’ve posted a guy who abuses the posting rules, yet, not a single moderator messaged me nor took into action to punish this guy. Moreover, this guy still posts in Rocket League - Steam In Game Items. Whenever I want to report a guy, my reports usually encounter an error, but even if I could report somehow, they do not do any ■■■■ about these guys. Many user spams the same post in a day like 5-6 times although the rule is per a day for the same post. In another case, I report a guy who abuses discount codes to get profit for himself, still not any moderator cares. Keep that going and Gameflip will no longer serve to the community. CS:GO sales are already got worsen after the one week trade ban rule. The only sector goes “kinda” well is Rocket League In Game Items and if you keep that uninterested atitude, you’ll have only bunch of spammer sellers while there won’t be a single buyer.

Are you taling about ez_touch? He has some kind of bot. Whenever i make my keys lower than his in about 1hour he starts to list new posts with new prices with the same ratio for all of his posts. He doesnt even care to take off the old posts. A normal person would just change the price for the old list (like a i do) and not list new ones. I think he is prob that guy that has a bot website that buys cheap items and sell for higher prices. Its pretty easy when you dont need to do anything lol

I do not care about him anymore at all tbh. There are so many names who abuse rules. I reported Digidang with the proofs that shows he posted the same thing in just 4 minutes, yet, moderators even didn’t answer. How useless are they… Ez touch, Digidang, Fresh, Sezar, Aserb… and so on. I’ve seen many people abuses rules tons of time. They still do not take into action. This site is gonna be garbage soon

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