Monero (xmr) for trading

With the growing popularity in Monero (XMR) would this be a currency you might be interested in?

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Great Idea @dagnazty. It would be a welcomed addition in my opinion. Monero is among my top currencies!! No Corrupted Banks, No Restrictive Gov’ts. Just p2p transactions and unadulterated money!

Thank you for the suggestion @dagnazty. We’ll bring up the subject to our team.

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In the meantime we offer BitCoin as you may already know :relieved:

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I commend you for such progressive offerings. Gameflip is innovating the field in that regard. That’s how I found Gameflip to begin with. I would also surmise that this decision has been a significant contributor to the impressive growth that your site has experienced. Whomever made that decision was quite profound in their thought process. Nicely done. Hopefully you all can streamline the process a bit to enable faster execution of payments. That development would, without question, cause the revenue needle to sizably increase - given the current 4 day wait is quite sluggish. I trust that your team is working to reduce this delay to some extent. Great work nonetheless! :sunglasses:

Yay people like this! In the mean time @Blockchayne I use to buy with xmr here. Not my favorite thing but we are still growing.