Multiple accounts?

Are we allowed to have multiple accounts so we can post more than what is allowed on just one?

No I believe that would be cheating lol

That is not allowed and it could get u banned

That’s what I thought

Hello @Maddie_Davis,

We do allow a user to have more than one account.

You will also be able to sell with the other account if it is fully verified, as stated in the ToS.

God Speed! :trident:

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is that part of the ToS is that?

Hey @Millargenis1,

Regarding the multiple accounts, no. There is nothing listed informing that you cannot have more than one account.

Now regarding the verification to sell, yes. You need to be verified in order to sell on Gameflip, as stated in the following link:

God Speed! :trident:

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Can we just verify the alt account on the same yay we verified the main one? Thinking on sell on alt accounts just to increase the sales cap (subscription feature) without picking another subscription