Multiple seller acounts?

Hey is it true that it is allowed to have multiple seller accounts? If yes, how would it work? Would they somehow be connected? Or would they be completely separate just the same owner?

I would appreciate if an admin could reply to this so I officially get it confirmed before doing something wrong, thanks!

I’m not admin but yes, is true - you can have more than 1 account.
But remember, if one account will be banned for any reason, all other will be banned as well.

Don’t try to exploit anything on website and you will be fine

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Thanks for the response, no I just want to have 2 to separate the items which I am selling. Are they somehow connected or totally separate and just the name/owner is the same?

Any chance an admin can confirm this? Just want to make sure it’s 100% correct not that I lose my account afterwards, so just want to be on the save side.

Hello @All_Day_Seller,

Yes, you are allowed to have more than one account and they will be totally separate. So in this case, you will have to verify both account separately.

God Speed! :trident: