My Add funds is on Pending.

Hello, i have added 225$ funds and i only got 100$ and when i checked the activity i saw that the other 125$ is on pending. an email sent to me that they need to verify me and my ID, and i have sent them what they need … my picture with the ID and a text on a paper for gameflip. and when i sent them it, they sent me the same email again about asking me to take a pic… what’s that? i gave whats needed…

i believe that it was a bot which sent me the same message again after sending my face with my ID card and paper with a text as they said exactly… help


I have sent Number 1 and number 3… i dont have number 2 and i think that what i provided is more than enough, please release my purchase…

Your Code: FBT695

alright i have send all requirements and now they tell me that the image with the ID and selfie doesnt match -.- hows that even possible

Just take new pictures?

I understand that its annoying thought.

im not even looking good bcz i was sleeping, i took pic hours ago with a suite… and now they want again? what would look different its same face…

Hello hassan,

After checking everything, I have released your purchase.

:trident: New forum moderators!

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