My listing is not appearing on certain category.

I want to know if there’s a trick for appearing my listings
I literally listed adopt me pets and put a correct tags for them but i cant see my listing on adopt me category of In-Game Items.

Was it set to Most Recent?

i did that but i still cant see my listing. This is why i always re-list my stuff so people can see what i sell.

It is possible you are just being buried by api and no chance to ever be seen.

People are using and abusing api and altering names so that anybody not using api will never be seen on recommended pages or anywhere else. This has been brought to supports attention but ignored.


Search keyword sunbeam in fortnite section

You will only see the spammers using api that cut the name to fit what the customers will most likely search it by, while those that don’t have api have to post as “sunbeam Crystal” will never be seen unless they make the lowest price possible.

90% of customers will just type in sunbeam and not the full name witch is the default and only way for someone not using api to post the item thus making selling really hard for new users and non api users

Then afterwards search sunbeam crystal and you will see last posted listing was 24 hours ago or longer :rofl:
While under “sunbeam” it’s being rebumped literally 20 listings per second via hardcore api spam.
This is because non api users are slowly giving up and leaving the site and who can blame them


i tried looking for my listings and guess can’t really find my listing on adopt me category, This is why its hard to sell something when you only started. Hope they update and fix this thing too frustrating i can only get sale every 3 days from selling adopt me pets.

And your posting manually right? Not with a listing bot

yes manually and wait how is this listing bot work and where do i get it

You can find it Under settings/ develop, its free to use but it’s complicating if you have no experience with this type of programming.

Support is pro api spam so to trying to sell on the site without spamming listings with a api/bot good luck to you. The api users will just bury anything you post.

true its srsly annoying that my post always at the end and cant be seen to anyone

This is the download page for the api.

Follow all the steps (1-4)