Need help with scammer?

Hello, this seller admitted to not having any cards in stock. They’ve had multiple people ordering their cards, and they keep on making more listings about selling cards. This is unacceptable and on top of that I need my iTunes card by the end of the day. Is there any way to get a refund or issue one?

Below is the conversation, they have completely stopped replying when I asked for a refund.

Lol what does a virus outbreak have to do with anything just issue the refund and stop posting if you have no stock

They have cancelled the order but this is still an issue because they keep creating listings even though they have no cards. Multiple of them have been bought so I’ll leave this up as evidence to use against the seller.

post a link to the users profile so mods can look into this.

Hello and thanks for reporting this to us.

We will further investigate this issue.