Need urgent help - every phone number I enter is blocked

So, I am from Serbia and I found on this forum that my country is not supported. OK, well, I had an account here before and on that account was possible to enter a phone number from Serbia, which I successfully did. So, because I decided to delete that account (because, dumb me, I thought that I can change name in any moment, which wasn’t possible), I created a new one and waited to add another phone number (because you can/t use the old one again).

So, as soon as I got a new SIM card, I tried to add it to my account so I could start selling. Oh, and that didn’t work - the message was PHONE NUMBER IS BLOCKED. Damn it! Ok, I then tried my wife’s number and again there was a message: PHONE NUMBER IS BLOCKED. So, then I made two more accounts just to try another combinations - one with with another mail, one with Google account. And the problem was consistent - PHONE NUMBER IS BLOCKED.

So, I made a dozens of account all over the web before, like PayPal, Bandcamp, Player Auctions, G2A, etc, and all these work just fine with my Serbian phone number. I was in a furious “WTF mode”.

Bonus in all these is that I’ve trying to find some solution over my phone, I’ve done all of these steps over the phone and it’s pretty annoying to do all this without keyboard and mouse (I was away from my personal laptop). At the end of this crazy journey, I sent a message to support to delete all of these accounts, I wrote them codes for all three of them. I don’t care if they delete them, I don’t have a problem to login/register with my Facebook account. I don’t have a problem to link my PayPal account. I just want to know how to link a phone number because it worked once without a problem, so it should work again.

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Sebia Phone numbers are not supported regardless the phone carrier. In order to solve this you will need to use a phone number from another region.

Thank you.

You must be kidding me. Have you read my complete post? I specifically wrote " well, I had an account here before and on that account was possible to enter a phone number from Serbia, which I successfully did". Plus, a friend of mine has an account here and he is also from Serbia and he has a Serbian phone number. And how do you think that a Serbian citizen use a number from foreign carrier? Bloody hell, are you guys serious with this generic answers???

No need to be rude to a forum moderator.
(You should of never deleted your account being you could of changed your display names if you didn’t like your old nane)

Lucy :heart:

Oh, but I am not rude. His or her job is to help me as much as they can, not to write these generic, copy/paste answers. I mean, I sought for answers on other similar topics, but I wanted an explanation how is to possible that at one point I could use a Serbian phone number and at another I couldn’t. My native English is far from perfect, but I am trying to write things so they can be understandable. I gave all the info and an answer was far from explainable. Well, that is a rude thing to do.

I deleted my first account not because of my display name, but because of my real name. In the section for real name I’ve put my user name. I thought that I can change it at some point. I even wrote to site support, explaining to them why I want to change it. They replied that it isn’t possible. So that is why I asked them to delete that account, so I could make new one.

As far as I can find Serbia phone carriers have not been supported on Gameflip.

Dunn is a very good forum moderator and they works close with the Gameflip team so I believe them when they say it. They normally double check things if they’re unsure.
Dunn is only doing there job no need to upset with them.

I’m sorry you’re having issues but its easy to get a number from a different place to use if needed.

Lucy :heart:

“but its easy to get a number from a different place”

It’s easy? I have to travel to another country to buy a their prepaid SIM card that will probably be unusable here. It’s not like going to a picnic to just buy a SIM card from another country. Gas expenses or ticket expenses - for what?

And don’t tell me that Serbian phones are not supported, because (I write this for a third time) - I registered a Serbian phone number with mine first account. If it was possible then, how it isn’t possible now. I said that a friend of mine has an account here, he is also from Serbia, his phone number is from Serbian mobile operator.

Plus, a good moderator would try to help me as much as he can with this topic, not just writing me generic answer. Lucy, I respect your answers and your point of view. I am thankful that you have done a job which is not yours to do, but it’ s on a moderator to do it. I am so tired of this repeating of the same story all over again, so please - let moderators do their job and help me the best way they can.

Then send a ticket in to the support team and say you’re a issuse with your phone and tell them you was able in the past to use it but you can’t now.
Maybe they can give you a better answer or fix the issue.

FYI: Just because something is supported in the past with a company does not mean that company will always support it. Things do change

I hope the support team can help you.
Need More Help? Contact Us

Lucy :heart:

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Hi there, I am from Serbia too and my account is verified using Serbia +381 phone like 1 and half year ago. Since there was a lot of kids who was scamming on Gameflip they decided to stop accepting Serbia phones. Whenever our people step in, there’s gonna be some scumbag who’s going to scam… I’m not sure but there are sites where you can buy phones(Numbers) which can be used for verification purposes… But be sure that whoever has access to it can recover and steal your account/funds…

They might allow our phones in future but still there’s no info about it.


Thanks for the clarification of the topic, neighbor. But, scammers are coming from almost every country, so that is not a reason to ban or not support mobile carriers. I mean, if I give them another credentials or proofs for identification (photo of national ID card or something like that) and since I have a valid, good standing PayPal account, then there is no need to block me in any way.

About foreign phone, I still have a Dutch SIM, but it expired 2 and a half years ago. So, no use of it right now. :frowning:


I didn’t give any generic answer but I apologize if it wasn’t the answer you expected.
This is pretty simple to undersdant tough as @Wayz_Shop explained, in the past Serbia phone numbers weren’t blocked, but due to some circumstances, they were blocked to avoid issues or scams.

Unfortunately there is no ETA on unblocking those and the best solution thus far (I know it isn’t a perfect one) is to have a phone from another region to register and verify your Gameflip account now.

Thank you.

@DunnBiscuit, my countrymate @Wayz_Shop did an explanation that you should do in the first place - it is, in the end, to give me precise info and/or explanation.

Tell me, honestly - are there scammers from USA, Taiwan, Germany, Brazil? Probably there are, right? So, have you blocked every mobile carrier from these countries? No, you haven’t. It is a lame excuse to say that Serbian mobile numbers are banned because of scammers. Not only that, it is an example of laziness to deal with scammer this way - to block numbers from one of more countries and not finding a good solution to deal with cheating kind of people.

Oh, and you should do your goddamn best to help people who are ready to be transparent, non-cheating and non-scamming sellers here, not to treat us all as possible frauders.

Im sorry you’re upset but be careful with how you type.

There no need to get aggressive.
You got your answer and this topic should be locked.

Lucy :heart:

@CidxLucy - I am not aggressive. If I use a word like “goddamn” it doesn’t automatically mean that it is used in an aggressive way. I didn’t curse him or something like that. The connotation of words I used is not in function of provoking or swearing. If you are trying to be a mediator here, then try to distinguish abusive speech (or even swearing) from justified criticism.

You trying to tell them how they should run “there” site.
You’re trying to tell a moderate how they should type.

Have a nice day.
(Im going to drop out of this topic being its getting no where)

Lucy :heart:

You trying to tell them how they should run “there” site.

“Their site”, not “there site”.

You’re trying to tell a moderate how they should type.

No, I am telling them to give a complete explanation of some decision, to say what are reasons behind that decision.

(Im going to drop out of this topic being its getting no where)

Yeah, you do that - it’s a right thing to do.

So you’re one of them people who feel good correcting people English that little rude of you but whatever. :rofl:

You got your answer and im sorry you don’t like it.

Lucy OUT :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

No, I doesn’t satisfy me to correct anyone, just people like you who stick their nose where it doesn’t belong.

“Lucy OUT”

You made me laugh xD


So, still no updates about the topic?